23 of Your Favorite Superbowl Recipes, Lightened Up

By Alexandra Caspero on April 22, 2023
The best vegan and vegetarian recipes for football games!
23 recipes

23 of your favorite snack foods, lightened up. If you’re trying to eat healthier, or just prefer to enjoy better-for-you options, these 23 recipes pack in major flavor without any sacrifice.

From plant-based nachos, to air-fried wings, to a 5-star rated dairy-free queso dip, these lightened-up Superbowl recipes are for you.

23. Crispy Vegan Tacos with Queso Dipping Sauce

Photo Credit: Delish Knowledge.

You won’t believe these crispy tacos aren’t deep fried! A blend of black beans, salsa and taco seasoning spread onto a tortilla, then air-fried until golden brown and crispy.

Enjoy on its own, or served with a spicy chili queso dip, homemade salsa, or jalapeno sauce for an extra spicy kick.

Get the recipe: Easy Crispy Tacos

22. Air Fryer Cauliflower Wings

Photo Credit: Delish Knowledge.

Who needs chicken when you’ve got cauliflower? These are the wings to win over even the most die-hard chicken wing fans. Coated in a light batter, then air fried until crispy and coated in spicy Buffalo sauce, these cauliflower wings are a 5-star rated recipe for a reason.

Get the recipe: Air Fryer Cauliflower Wings

21. Vegan Chili Cheese Dip

the best vegan chili cheese dip
Photo Credit: Delish Knowledge.

This luscious, creamy sauce doesn’t contain a lick of dairy! Perfect for those who love queso dip, but looking to cut back on saturated fat. Made with pico de gallo, black beans, chili powder, cashews and peppers, this is a crowd-pleasing dip that deserves a spot on your Superbowl table.

Get the recipe: Vegan Chili Cheese Dip

20. Creamy Jalapeno Salsa

Photo Credit: Delish Knowledge.

If you plan on serving tacos, chips, or fajitas– then you’ll need a batch of this spicy jalapeño dip. Roasted jalapenos and garlic pureed with a touch of cilantro for a healthy sauce that adds just the right amount of kick to your favorite Tex-Mex-inspired recipes.

Grab the recipe: Spicy Jalapeno Sauce

19. One Pot Vegan Chili Mac

vegan chili mac and cheese in a bowl
Photo Credit: Delish Knowledge.

Not just for the kids! This one-pot chili mac is not only a great Superbowl main dish, it also doubles as leftovers for any chili you may have after the big game. Toss with cheese and noodles for a hearty, fiber and protein-rich meal.

Get the recipe: One Pot Vegan Chili Mac

18. Roasted Tomato Guacamole

guacamole with roasted tomatoes
Photo Credit: Delish Knowledge.

It’s estimated that we eat more avocados on the Superbowl than any other day– roughly 105 million pounds of avocados during the big game. With 10 g of fiber and 19 g of heart-healthy monounsaturated fat per medium fruit, you can feel good enjoying bite after bite of homemade guacamole.

This elevated version combines your favorite creamy guac with blistered cherry tomatoes. If you’re looking for a show-stopping guacamole recipe, this is it!

Grab the recipe: Roasted Tomato Guacamole

17. Vegan Bean Dip with Homemade Chips

vegan bean dip with chips
Photo Credit: Delish Knowledge.

This vegan bean dip is hot, zesty, and full of deliciousness. It’s packed with cooked pinto beans, garlic, onions, and cumin for a bit of a kick. Served with homemade tortilla chips for a lightened-up version of chips and dip.

Grab the recipe: Bean Dip with Homemade Tortilla Chips

16. Vegan Tofu Nuggets

hand holding a tofu nugget with dipping sauce
Photo Credit: Delish Knowledge.

Inspired by the platters of nuggets with dipping sauce from Chick-fil-A, these tofu nuggets are baked until golden brown and crispy, then served with a copy-cat Honey BBQ sauce. If you love deep-fried nuggets, try this healthier version made with tofu.

Get the recipe: Vegan Tofu Nuggets

15. BBQ Tofu Sliders with Slaw

Photo Credit: Delish Knowledge.

Football food is mini food, and these handheld BBQ sliders fit the bill. Similar to BBQ pork sandwiches, these tofu sliders are sautéed until caramelized, then served with homemade apple slaw on pillowy soft buns.

A healthier take on the pulled-pork slider.

Grab the recipe: BBQ Tofu Sliders with Slaw

14. Dairy-Free Queso Dip

vegan queso dip
Photo Credit: Delish Knowledge.

Dairy-free queso dip for dipping, pouring over nachos, piling into tacos, or drizzling into bowls of homemade chili. Either way, a batch of queso dip is a must for any Superbowl party and this vegan version is lighter and healthier than traditional cheese-filled options.

Grab the recipe: Vegan Queso Dip

13. Vegan Chili with TVP and Beans

Bowl of chili with TVP
Photo Credit: Delish Knowledge.

A cozy, comforting bowl of chili- without the meat! This version uses TVP, a vegetable protein that cooks and tastes just like your favorite ground meat. Loaded with beans and spices, plus your favorite chili toppings, no one will miss the beef in this healthy take on meat chili.

Grab the recipe: Vegan Chili with TVP

12. Loaded Smashed Potatoes

Photo Credit: Delish Knowledge.

Inspired by loaded potato skins, these mini potatoes are smashed and cooked until crispy, then topped with creamy guacamole and black-bean salsa. Fiber and protein rich, these loaded potato skins are a welcome change from the typical deep-fried option.

Get the recipe: Loaded Smashed Potatoes

11. Black Bean and Quinoa Sliders

vegan black bean sliders
Photo Credit: Delish Knowledge.

These healthy, gluten-free sliders are perfect for the big game. Packed with mushrooms, quinoa and beans, with 9 g of protein and 4 g of fiber per slider. Make a big batch for a slider bar, along with plenty of toppings.

Get the recipe: Black Bean and Quinoa Sliders

10. Air Fryer Potato Skins

Photo Credit: Delish Knowledge.

Another fantastic air fryer recipe– and that’s because using an air fryer for traditional fried-food favorites significantly cuts down on both fat and calories. These potatoes are first fried to be golden brown and crispy, then covered with cheese and fried again until melted. Drizzle on sour cream, hot sauce, and fresh herbs for a lightened up version of deep-fried potato skins.

Grab the recipe: Air Fryer Potato Skin Nachos

9. Salsa Roja

salsa roja made in the blender
Photo Credit: Delish Knowledge.

Even if you don’t consider yourself a chef, you can make this salsa roja. Made in the blender and ready in just 10 minutes, jarred salsa has nothing on this homemade version. Smoky, perfectly spiced and great with chips or your favorite tacos or nachos, this salsa roja is a must-make for Superbowl.

Grab the recipe: Salsa Roja

8. Vegan Jackfruit Sandwich

jackfruit sandwich with pineapple
Photo Credit: Delish Knowledge.

If you love pulled pork, then you’ll want to try this low-fat, high-fiber vegan jackfruit pulled pork sandwich. With plenty of BBQ sauce and grilled pineapple, this dupe is just as delicious as a pork version, with half the calories.

Grab the recipe: Jackfruit BBQ Sandwich

7. Black Bean and Mango Salsa

Photo Credit: Delish Knowledge.

With all of the heavy food that’s typically found on a Superbowl table, this fresh mango and black bean salsa is a welcome treat. Bonus points that mango is typically in season during February and often on sale. Combine with canned black beans, red pepper, fresh cilantro and plenty of fresh lime juice.

Grab the recipe: Black Bean and Mango Salsa

6. Black Bean Taquitos

vegan taquitos in the air fryer
Photo Credit: Delish Knowledge.

Like tacos, but better! A tray of these black bean taquitos is perfect for watching football games, including the Superbowl! Corn tortillas stuffed with beans and cheese, then rolled and baked in the air fryer for a crispy crunch without the added oil.

Enjoy on it’s own, or served with peach habanero salsa, jalapeno salsa, red salsa or queso dip.

Get the recipe: Black Bean Taquitos

5. Fresh Mango Salsa

fresh mango salsa
Photo Credit: Delish Knowledge.

A stunning dip for any chip, this fresh mango salsa is bursting with bright colors and refreshing flavor. It takes only minutes to throw together, and great for snacking. Fresh mango, cilantro, lime juice, red bell pepper and a pinch of salt is all you need.

Get the recipe: Fresh Mango Salsa

4. Sriracha Cauliflower Buffalo Wings

sriracha cauliflower wings
Photo Credit: Delish Knowledge.

Spice fans, this one is for you! Baked, not fried, cauliflower wings smothered in an extra-spicy Sriracha sauce. These cauliflower buffalo wings are just as crispy as fried chicken ones, but a fraction of the fat.

Get the recipe: Sriracha Cauliflower Buffalo Wings

3. Homemade Chips with Caramelized Onion Dip

Photo Credit: Delish Knowledge.

Even if you don’t make the homemade chips, this caramelized onion dip will score you major points with your game-day spread. Compared to store-bought dips, this onion dip packs in maximum flavor and texture– no weird ingredients or gums needed.

Enjoy on it’s own, or with the bonus recipe for homemade baked potato chips.

Get the recipe: Caramelized Onion Dip with Baked Homemade Chips

2. Lentil Sloppy Joes

Photo Credit: Delish Knowledge.

For game day in our house, we typically make a batch of these lentil sloppy joes to sit in the slow cooker for the afternoon. With a tray of potato buns and plenty of pickles, it’s the perfect hearty dish for grazing. Compared to regular beef sloppy joes, this one packs in the protein and the fiber, without all of the saturated fat.

Grab the recipe: Lentil Sloppy Joes

1. Crispy Buffalo Potatoes

Photo Credit: Delish Knowledge.

Buffalo sauce is the unofficial flavor for any sports party, and these buffalo potatoes are no exception! Mini potatoes are baked until crispy, then tossed in a buffalo sauce for maximum flavor. Serve with your favorite creamy dipping sauce for a lightened-up take on buffalo wings.

Get the recipe: Crispy Buffalo Potatoes

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