August 14, 2013
31 Days of Abs: Day 14

14 days in, how is YOUR month of Abs going? Are you still watching the videos? Have you recruited others to join you? If you are loving the stronger, more toned results you are seeing- share the joy!

For me, I am noticing a huge difference in my stamina during the ending planks. 60 seconds? No problem. Which type do you like the best? We’ve got 17 more to come and would love to hear your feedback!

Day 14: Straight Leg Crunches

We will perform 3 different types of crunches in today’s workout with your legs extended as straight as you can get them toward the sky. We’ll begin fairly simple and easy with a standard crunch, then target your abs from your lower body with a controlled reverse crunch, and finally bump up the intensity with a power move where we crunch with control to reach our arms to our shins, and then with a little bit of momentum and energy explosively reach up to our shoelaces. You should feel your heart rate climb on the last move, but remember you can recover on the simple crunch as we repeat this pattern 3 times total.


Standing warm-up: Abs + Lower Back, Hip Flexors

A: 10 Straight leg crunches
B: 10 Reverse crunches
C: 10 of the Power Move: Shins/Toes Combo

Repeat 3x

Finisher Plank & Stretch

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