August 22, 2013
31 Days of Abs: Day 22

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Ready for Day 22?

Today we focus on Crunches, starting with the most basic type and progressing through 4 levels to finally arrive at a “frog crunch.”  You should feel these at the upper and lower part of your abdominals as well as your inner thighs, as long as you can get your knees to touch together as you extend your legs.


Standing Warm up: Plie Squats + Back Roll Ups

A: 10 Basic Crunches
B: 10 Table-top Crunches
C: 10 Straight leg Crunches with your legs as close to a 45 degree angle as possible
D: Hold Crunch, Drive knees from Tabletop to 45 Degrees 10 times

Repeat 2x : Note that the second set, your feet should be in a “V” position with your heels together, toes pointing outward and knees out wide.Finisher Plank & Stretch

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