August 25, 2013
31 Days of Abs: Day 25

Day 25: Creating Intensity with Lever Length

As a change up today, we’ll be working with two fundamental abdominal exercises: double ended crunches and bicycle crunches.  For each exercise, I will show you a lower intensity version (shorter lever arm length) followed by a more challenging high intensity version.  We will repeat 2 sets of each exercise (low and high level) followed by a 3rd set of just the more advanced moves.  You will be strengthening all areas of your abdominals, so take a deep breath and let’s get to work!


Standing Warm up: Hip Flexors and Lower Back
A: Low Intensity: 10 Double Ended Crunches (short lever arm)
B: High Intensity: 10 Toe Touch/Lay Outs (long lever arm)Repeat 2x

C: Low Intensity: 10 Marching Bicycles (short lever arm)
D: High Intensity: 10 Bicycle Crunches (long lever arm)

Repeat 2x

Final Round :B: High Intensity: 10 Toe Touch/Lay Outs (long lever arm)
D: High Intensity: 10 Bicycle Crunches (long lever arm)

Finisher Plank & Stretch

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  1. I’ve been putting workouts on hold for the summer since I’ve been so busy and now it’s time to get back into the swing of things again and I’m so out of shape! I could definitely use 31 days of abs. Or more. 🙂

    • Hope these work out for you! The best part about this series is they take less than 5-7 minutes a day and you can do them whenever.

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