August 29, 2013
31 Days of Abs: Day 29
Day 29: Tour de Abs

This video introduces you to a few new advanced ways to do a bicycle crunch.  We start off with the old faithful, the one we know and love, and then try three other more difficult variations on that exercise.  Only 2 sets today, the last 2 take some balance, but practice makes perfect, and perfectly toned abs!  This workout will be more fun (though perhaps just as challenging 😉 as the Tour de France.  Think of it as the “Tour de Abs” as you rock out on your bicycle crunch.


Standing Warm up: Knee Twists

A: 10 Standard Bicycle Crunches
B: 10 Reverse Bicycle Crunches
C: 10 Seated V Bicycle Crunches
D: 10 Sit Up Bicycle Crunches
Repeat 2x

Finisher Plank & Stretch

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