20 Surprising Foods People Hate the Textures of Every Time They Try Them

By Alexandra Caspero on October 27, 2023

Texture can make or break a food experience. While taste is often the main factor in enjoying our meals, the way a food feels in our mouth is just as important. There are certain textures that can instantly turn us off from foods, even ones we want to love.

While personal taste preferences are subjective, these 20 foods tend to elicit particularly adverse texture reactions from most who try them. It just goes to show how big of a role texture plays in our eating enjoyment.


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To this day, peas remain an enigma for one user. They shared that the feeling of biting into them is akin to popping a zit in his mouth. YUCK!


Red Jello Squares In A Glass Bowl
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Jell-O may jiggle, but it doesn’t wobble into this person’s good books. One woman stated that the texture was just too slimy for her liking.


Red Apples Green Apples
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Despite the nutritional benefits, apples don’t cut it for a third individual. They elaborated that the crunching sound sends shivers down his spine when biting into them.


Close Up Photo Of Bbq Tofu

Less than impressed was the consensus for several regarding the fact that tofu could have hit better as a protein substitute. One further noted that the squeaky texture needs is off-putting and makes for a dis-satisfying bite.


Coconut Oil And Fresh Coconuts On Old Wooden Table
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While many foodies confessed they enjoy the taste of coconut, the texture of the coconut does not appeal to them at all.


Fresh Champignon Mushrooms Isolated On White.
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At the mere mention of mushrooms, another individual didn’t hesitate to express their aversion towards its texture, deeming it unappetizing.

Cottage Cheese

Cottage Cheese Ss
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Cottage cheese is another food mentioned, with one user comparing its texture to a discharge from a medical problem. 


Steel Cut Oatmeal Recipe

According to one person, oatmeal‘s texture is so unpleasant it makes them gag and almost vomit, despite trying multiple types in several fashions.

Water Chestnuts

Slice Water Chestnuts In A Bowl
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Why are water chestnuts fillers in every stir fry? Another individual finds water chestnuts unpalatable not only because of their mediocre flavor but due to their dreadful texture.

Undercooked Potatoes


Speaking of water chestnuts, undercooked potatoes fit that same bill and aren’t appreciated because of their complex and crunchy texture, which is far from the soft and fluffy texture they should have.


Bananas Isolated On White Background
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What is it with bananas? Many can’t stand them, not because of their appearance, but because of their slimy and mushy consistency that triggers their gag reflex. 

Lima Beans

Organic Raw Steamed Green Lima Beans In A Bowl
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Lima beans are a typical food on hate lists. A vegetarian shared that even the thought of eating them makes them feel disgusted as they struggle to get past the taste and texture of these beans.

Raw Tomatoes

Diced And Cored Tomatoes

Raw tomatoes showed up a couple of times in the forum. While some enjoy a ripe tomato’s refreshing taste and juicy texture, one can’t seem to get on board with raw tomatoes’ squishy and somewhat slimy texture.

Orange Juice With Pulp

Orange Juice
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Do you enjoy a pulp-filled drink? Several expressed disgust over Orange juice with pulp. One person further explained that they couldn’t handle the sensation of pulpy bits mixed in with their drink, preferring a smoother consistency.


Mexican Avocado Salad

The texture of a bad avocado can be a real turn-off for some people, no matter how good it’s supposed to taste. One shared their horror, stating that finding an unripe, mushy avocado in their salad is enough to ruin their entire meal.


Closeup View Of Small Purple Asian Eggplants, Food Background Photography. Pile Of Fresh Eggplants At Indian Market, Vegetarian Food. Above Small Asian Purple Eggplants, Ecology And Nature Concept
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Eggplant, or aubergine, commonly known in Europe, is a nightmare for one user who shared that they cannot tolerate the slimy texture that becomes more pronounced when cooked.

Circus Peanuts

Orange Candy Peanuts On A White Background
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Circus peanuts, those fluorescent orange marshmallows shaped like peanuts, have been deemed disguisting by a particular user, wholly repulsed by their synthetic texture and taste.


Onion And Onion Peel Isolated On White Background
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The texture of onions is a major dealbreaker for some, as they cannot handle the smoothness and crunch. One elaborated, “My mind is made up, and there is no changing it!”


Mayonnaise Sauce In A Wooden Bowl With Egg, Mustard, Garlic And Herbs
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According to another user, the luscious consistency of the mayonnaise doesn’t quite whet their appetite. As a result, they will be giving mayonnaise a miss in all their future culinary pursuits.


Bowl Of Arugula, Watermelon And Feta Salad

While many enjoy the juicy flesh of the watermelon, one foodie can’t get past the slimy texture that ruins their experience. Another expressed they cannot stand watermelon’s texture despite being a popular fruit. To them, it feels like a “soggy sweet cucumber” that makes them gag.

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20 Surprising Foods People Hate the Textures of Every Time They Try Them

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