March 23, 2014
A Weekly Meal Plan

Hi friends! How was the weekend?

After meeting with a client this past week to discuss meal plans, I got to thinking about my own meal plans. While I like to pretend that I am hyper-organized when it comes to our food the truth is… well, that couldn’t be further from the truth. 

I plan well on weekends. If we are in town, I almost always have a nice meal planned for both Saturday and Sunday nights. Those are the meals that I enjoy the most- recipes that are a bit more involved or ones that I am creating for the blog and have the extra time to test and retest as needed.

For the weekdays, well- anything goes. Anything goes. The past few months have been considerably busier than usual. Packed with teaching, clients, and planning a wedding, we have been doing more grab and go options than usual. While that’s OK for some of the time, I really want to get out of our routine and into healthier habits. You know, like I tell my clients to do 🙂

Since sharing is caring I thought you might want to see what our week ahead is going to look like. I went to both the grocery store and farmers market this weekend so we are stocked and ready to go. For breakfast, I am planning on the usual: smoothies, banana with almond butter, and overnight oats. I usually do a big batch of overnight oats on Sunday night and eat that for Monday and Tuesday, a smoothie for Wednesday and then fruit or toast for other days.

For lunches, I am planning on either leftovers or salads. Lunch is my favorite time of the day to sneak as many vegetables in as possible. That way, if dinner ends up being take-out or snacks around the house, I don’t get too bent out of shape. For me, salads are the best way to do this,as evidenced by my current instagram. There are no rules when it comes to salads, anything and everything works. I always do a protein (tofu, beans, lentils, baked tempeh, veggie burger patty), a healthy fat (nuts, avocado) and whatever vegetables I have in the house. I also made a batch of Lentil Sloppy Joe’s that BL can snack on and take for lunch as needed. While a salad is fine for me, I know he usually wants a little more food.

Onto the dinners:

Monday: Weeknight Tortilla Soup
As the name implies, this is a quick & easy meal that comes together in just 30 minutes. Perfect for busy weeknights, lazy weekends, or whenever you are craving a spicy soup rich with vegetables and beans.vegan tortilla soup

Tuesday: Grilled Mediterranean Flatbread 
Tomato-Basil Hummus, Olives, Basil, Tomatoes. You can’t go wrong with these easy pizza flatbread.

Wednesday: Roasted Peanut Kale Salad & Baked BBQ Tofu
Let’s get a little more green in, shall we? A simple kale salad with roasted peanut dressing. I plan on pairing this salad with baked BBQ tofu for a more filling meal.
peanut kale salad

Thursday: Meaty Vegan Burgers, Sweet Potato Mac & Cheese, Grilled Asparagus
A meal that both BL and I can agree on: veggie burgers (that I made on Sunday, kept a few out for topping salad lunches and froze the rest for this meal), mac & cheese that is, dare I say, healthy? and grilled asparagus. I am SO happy it’s asparagus season! #givemeallthespears

veggie burgers
sweetpotato mac and cheese

Friday: Spring Risotto with Pea Coulis
One of my favorite meals to welcome Spring with- spring risotto with pea shoots and pea coulis. I originally had this dish at Hurley’s in Napa and make it as often as I can. With fresh farmers market vegetables, this should be the perfect meal to end the week with. Wine will absolutely be included.
sweet risotto with pea coulis

And that’s the week! What’s on your meal plan for this week? Do you usually plan out your dinners?


Meet Alex Caspero

Alex Caspero is a Registered Dietitian, Plant-Based Chef and Yoga Instructor. She aims to cut through the nutrition noise by providing real-life, nourishing tips for body and mind. Learn more about Alex.

  1. Awesome, thank you for sharing! I do fall down on meal planning and then find myself in a bind when there’s no time left to figure out a decent dinner midway through the week. These helpful suggestions certainly takes the worst of the work out of it. 🙂

  2. Thank you Alexandra, your risotto looks so marvelous! In 5 days me and my hubby will be done with our sugar detox which we do once every 6 months to regain some energy and to get rid of some extra pounds (for your and I’m looking forward to try your recipe 🙂

    Your photos look so professional, do you take them yourself?

    • Thanks Hien! Hope you enjoy the recipe! Thanks for sharing your sugar detox. Yes, I do take them myself! Thanks for noticing- it’s been quite the process from where I was when I started this blog until now 😉

  3. Yum! Everything looks delicious. I try to plan out our weekday meals on Sunday before I go shopping, but I’m usually not very good at planning weekend meals because our schedule is so different from week to week. I want to get better at the weekend planning because that’s when I notice we tend to grab meals that are less than ideal.

  4. Thank you….These meals look fabulous especially the “Spring Risotto with Pea Coulis and Pea Shoot Salad”.I used to plan meals weekly but since I’ve switched to a vegetarian/vegan diet, it’s been harder. I really appreciate your fabulous recipes and plan to buckle down with planning again.

    • Thanks! I need to do a better job of blogging about our weekly meal plans. I think it will help ME stick to creating them and save us time/money in the long run. You are so right! I remember when I transitioned there were many nights when I had NO clue what I was going to make. I think that was the motivation behind this post… I had met with a client who was at such a loss for what weekly meals looked like! I hope you try the Spring Risotto- it’s one of my favorite dishes on the blog!

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