Best Recipes of 2017

By Alexandra Caspero on December 29, 2017

As we close yet another year together, I wanted to share with you the best recipes of 2017. And, that’s not just me saying so. These recipes are all chosen by you- through shares, pins, comments and retweets. I added them all up to narrow down the best 17 recipes of 2017. While I of course stand by all of my recipes, it’s a good bet that if you make one of these you won’t be disappointed. 

I’ll be back on Monday with my annual list of things I’m most looking forward to in the new year and lots of healthy weeknight recipes for January. Something you want to see more of here? Let me know in the comments below.

Wishing you a fun & festive New Years. xo

1. Sheet Pan Vegetable Chili with Beer Biscuits

I love this dinner so much. Not only is it delicious and super hearty, clean-up is an absolute breeze. Make the chili right on the sheet pan, then top with quick beer biscuits. Enjoy this one while the weather is still cold, it’s the perfect hunker down kinda meal.

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Taco Stuffed Sweet Potatoes! If you are looking for a quick and healthy vegetarian dinner, this is it. Sweet potatoes stuffed with a spicy black bean filling, cheese, avocado, cilantro and your favorite toppings. Gluten-free |

2. Taco Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

I ate so many tacos while I was pregnant. It didn’t help that a taco shop opened up barely two blocks down the street from us this summer offering both breakfast and regular tacos. This taco stuffed sweet potato got me through so many cravings: a baked sweet potato, spicy black beans, avocado and shredded cheese. Yum. If you haven’t tried these yet, you should make them soon.

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Vegan Fajita Enchiladas! These enchiladas are perfect for Cinco de Mayo. Roasted peppers, onions and beans covered in a homemade enchilada sauce and avocado. |

3. Veggie Fajita Enchiladas

Oh man, I like these vegan enchiladas so much. They are so incredibly simple to put together, at least for enchiladas. Sheet pan roasted peppers and onions stuffed into tortillas and topped with a homemade enchilada sauce.

A reader says: “My husband and I made these last night for dinner and they were delicious! The sauce had just the right amount of spice and between the sauce, avocado, and the dairy-free sour cream each bite was so creamy I don’t think anyone who is used to having cheese or dairy sour cream would have any complaints :)”

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Vegan Meatball Sandwiches! If you love meatball sandwiches, then you've gotta try this vegan version. Chickpea meatballs smothered in marinara sauce and homemade vegan parmesan. Meatballs freeze well! |

4. Vegan Meatball Sandwiches

I wanted to perfect my vegan meatball recipe and thus, these meatball sandwiches were born. I’ve been eating these meatballs so often this fall; in pasta, in sandwiches, covered in BBQ sauce or simply dipped in ketchup. I love that you all love them as much as I do! Bonus is that you can make them whatever size you like, I make a mini version for my nieces and they both gobble them up. They also freeze well!

A reader says: “Just made these for dinner. My husband and I loved them! I ate them with some quinoa pasta and he enjoyed them on a sandwich per your recipe. Will definitely make again!” 

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5. Frozen Watermelon Lemonade

One of two slushies on this list, these frozen watermelon lemonades are incredibly refreshing and perfect for hot summer days. Born out of a very pregnant me during a very hot spell, I drank these at least weekly this summer. Make a batch of the mint syrup and freeze in ice cube trays for easy assembling whenever you are craving one.

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Lemon Olive Oil Muffins! These vegan muffins are incredibly moist and delicious, a must-make for breakfast and brunch. |

6. Lemon Olive Oil Muffins

It’s no secret how I feel about lemon things: besides vanilla, it might be my favorite flavor in baked goods. I freeze lemon juice in droves for adding to just about every savory dish… it was about time I created a lemon muffin! Incredibly moist and vegan, thanks to the use of olive oil instead of butter.

A reader says, “Not only delicious for adults, but my kids, who are normally a bit picky LOVED these!” 

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Green Bean, Potato and Tarragon Salad. This vegetarian potato salad is a must make for Spring or Summer. Tossed with peas, goat cheese, pecans and a yummy maple-dijon dressing. Gluten-Free. |

7. Green Bean, Potato and Tarragon Salad

Wow, I love this salad as much as ya’ll do. I created this one back in February and shared it on a TV segment in Richmond a few weeks later. Fresh tarragon is one of my favorite herbs and it pairs perfectly with beans, tender potatoes, creamy feta and pecans.

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Simple Tomato and Tofu Feta Salad! This salad is so simple and easy; tomatoes, cucumbers, basil, parsley and homemade tofu feta. Vegan and gluten-free |

8. Simple Tomato and Tofu Feta Salad

I almost forgot about my tofu feta until it started going crazy on Instagram earlier this year and decided it was time that I revisited my own recipe. While that original recipe was used for my greek salad, I decided to combine it with cucumbers and tomatoes in this simple tomato salad. It’s light enough to be a side dish, or combined with greens or cooked whole grains for a heartier meal.

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15 minute vegan pad thai! Save this one when you need a quick, healthy meal. Crispy tofu, brown rice noodles, spinach, peanuts and a simple pad thai sauce. |

9. 15 Minute Vegan Pad Thai

Want a quick and healthy dinner? Make this. While I admit it may take 20-25 minutes to make depending on ability, it’s still incredibly fast and easy. Start with crispy tofu crumbles, rice noodles, peanuts and a yummy sauce and you’ve got a delicious pad thai that’s perfect for busy weeknights.

A reader says, “Made this for the fam for dinner last night and it was WONDERFUL!!!! Great way to get the hubby and kids to eat tofu 😉 I doubled the recipe and the only problem was my pan wasn’t quite big enough!!!” 

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Southwest Sliders! Spiced black bean and quinoa sliders, perfect for the Superbowl or entertaining! Vegan and gluten-free (with GF bun) |

10. Vegan Southwest Sliders

I first made these southwest sliders last New Year’s Eve for my in-laws and they’ve been a staple in our house ever since. The best part is that you can easily freeze the patties for simple snacks whenever the craving strikes. They are delicious on mini slider buns with guacamole and cheese or on top of a salad.

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Potato, Spinach and Sausage Soup. You are going to love this vegan and gluten-free soup! Similar to Olive Garden's zuppa toscana, but healthier! |

11. Potato, Sausage and Spinach Soup

BL always says that he thinks soups are my best recipes and with this one, I have to agree. I make this one at least monthly; we’ve even got two batches in the freezer to pull out on nights I don’t feel like cooking. Creamy potatoes, faux sausage, spinach and just enough cashew cream to bind it all together.

A reader says, “This soup is UNBELIEVABLE! Just had it tonight. I have been wondering what to serve my grandparents on Saturday since they’re not vegan. This will be perfect! Thanks so much for sharing!”

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Tempeh Chili! This is the perfect meatless chili, packed with fiber and protein. Rich, hearty, vegan and gluten-free. |

12. Tempeh Chili

I’ve got almost a dozen chili recipes on this site, a testament to how much I love this meal. For this one, I wanted to create one that wasn’t centered around beans. Sure, I love a good pinto or black bean chili as much as the next vegetarian but I wanted something a bit meatier. This version is a base of crumbled fried tempeh in a savory chili broth with all of the toppings. Serve it my way– with cornbread and lots of shredded pepperjack cheese.

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Fresh Corn Polenta with Farm Vegetables and Spicy Basil Oil. The vegan and gluten-free dinner is perfect for summer! Make the most of farmer's market produce; fresh corn polenta topped with sauteed farm vegetables and a drizzle of spicy basil oil. |

13. Fresh Corn Polenta with Farm Vegetables and Basil Oil

Save this one for the height of corn season. Not only will this recipe completely change the way you think about fresh corn, it should only be made when corn is at it’s peak. While the temptation might be there to try it earlier, I beg you to wait. When you do, you’ll be rewarded with the creamiest polenta ever, made only from pureed fresh corn kernels. Top with pan roasted vegetables and a yummy basil oil and summer is served.

A reader says, “Oh my!! This was wonderful!! I made as written except I was out of fresh shallot so I used Penzey’s freeze-dried. Couldn’t tell the difference at all. Definitely a winner! Thanks so much!” 

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This is THE drink for summer. A frozen orange-ginger negroni slush, perfect for hot days. Campari, gin, vermouth, ginger syrup and orange juice. |

14. Frozen Negroni Slushie

Don’t think that being pregnant for most of the year stopped me from creating a few cocktails along the way. I loved my frozen watermelon slushies so much that I wanted to create an adult version for a Memorial Day party with friends. If you love a classic negroni, you’ll want to try this frozen version.

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BBQ Jackfruit Sandwiches! If you haven't tried this pulled pork alternative before, you've gotta try this recipe. Shredded Jackfruit with homemade BBQ sauce. Vegan. |

15. BBQ Jackfruit Sandwiches

I’m going to go out on a limb and declare 2017 the year of the jackfruit. Sure, we’d been eating it for years but it seems like jackfruit was everywhere this year, showing up as BBQ sandwiches, nachos, in tacos and so forth.

When Trader Joe’s began carrying cans of jackfruit, you knew it was becoming more than just a passing vegetarian trend. These sandwiches are the perfect introduction to jackfruit. Spicy, meaty and loaded with homemade coleslaw on a pillowy bun. They are all I want to eat for BBQ gatherings. Well, that and an ice cold beer.

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Cauliflower White Pizza. This Cauliflower, Chickpea and Arugula Pizza is a delicious vegetarian option. So, so good. |

 16. Cauliflower White Pizza

My local friends know that if you’re hungry, please give me a call. More than likely I’ve got a fridge full of just-tested food that I’d happily give away in exchange for an honest review. A few of my friends benefit from this, sometimes getting 1-2 meals a week as a thank you for their feedback.

My good friend Jen calls this pizza one of the best things I’ve ever made, a bold assertion for such a humble pizza. Homemade dough topped with roasted cauliflower, garlic, feta, chickpeas and topped with tomatoes and arugula. You’re going to love it.

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Pea and Asparagus Soup! This dairy-free, vegetable soup is perfect for Spring or Easter. Gluten-Free and Vegan. |

17. Pea and Asparagus Soup

I love, love, love this soup. First, the color alone is enough to make me swoon. It’s the perfect dish to make when asparagus just comes into season, binding the cooler winter weather with spring. It’s so yummy, forget the spoon- I’m happy to drink this one by the mug full. Pureed spring peas and asparagus with lots of dill, parsley and a drizzle of quality olive-oil.

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