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By Alexandra Caspero on December 12, 2012

Not sure what to get the little foodie in your life? I’ve got your back.

Below are my favorite, mostly inexpensive, gifts for your friends & family who enjoy cooking as much as you do! Be sure to check back on Friday for my roundup of great gifts to make (or keep for yourself!)

Microplane Zester

I use a microplane zester for EVERYTHING: ginger, chocolate, citrus, garlic, it’s one incredible tool and a great price!

Yoga Cookie Cutters
Cookies On Back Of Packaging

Photo: Yummy Yogi
My favorite people love yoga & cookies; these cutters are perfect for those who enjoy either. Use them to make Warrior 2 sandwiches, tree watermelon wedges, triangle pancakes, the possibilities are endless.

Lunch Skins Bags


Photo: Lunch Skins

These might be my favorite gift idea. Cute, reusable lunch and plastic bags. Perfect as sandwich bags, holding trail mix in your purse, or  giving goodies in. Free shipping until 12/31/12!

Mortar & Pestle

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If your friend loves homemade sauce, pesto, and curry, a granite mortar & pestle is a must. Trust me, taking out the food processor and using an old fashioned mortar & pestle produces the best sauces ever. Plus, you get a bicep workout!

 Silpat Baking Mat

Want more cookies? Get this mat! Gone are the days of painfully scraping burnt pieces of cookie off of baking sheets. These mats are non-stick and help to create the perfect baked goods.

Pampered Chef Baking Stone


I use my pampered chef baking stone almost daily. For roasting vegetables, there is nothing better! Cauliflower, potatoes, turnips, Brussels, onions, it ALL tastes better when roasted. Even those who don’t LIKE the vegetables I roast end up eating them when they are prepared this way. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

What are you gifting this year?


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