September 24, 2012
Grilled Vegetable Flatbread

Is it flatbread or pizza? I like calling these flatbreads, reminds me of dining outside in a cafe, sipping wine and munching on artisan flatbread sandwiches.

The farmer’s market had these gorgeous heirloom tomatoes and I wanted to make something yummy to celebrate the end of summer. These grilled flatbreads hit all summer birds with one recipe: grill, tomatoes, zucchini, and red peppers.

Make extra of these vegetables, they are great as leftovers and in sandwiches for the rest of the week.

Don’t have a grill? No worries, you can use a grill pan or bake in the oven.

Grilled Vegetable Flatbread

1 recipe Sun-dried tomato spread, below
1 recipe whole wheat pizza dough, below or prepackaged pizza dough
2 large zucchini
1 large heirloom tomato
1 red pepper
1/2 onion
olive oil, for brushing vegetables and pizza dough

Make the sun-dried tomato spread, see below for recipe and instructions.

Preheat grill or grill pan to medium high. Divide the dough into four even pieces. Roll out dough into an oval shape. Really, it’s a flatbread so any shape will do. Brush with olive oil or cooking spray so dough won’t stick to the grates.

Prepare the vegetables: slice the tomato, zucchini, onion, and red pepper into thin slices. Toss with salt/pepper and oil. Place vegetable slices onto the grill or grill pan for 5-10 minutes per side until cooked. I used a vegetable basket for the onion and tomato slices so they wouldn’t fall through the grates. Alterantivly, you could roast the vegetables in the oven beforehand.

Set the vegetables aside. Once you start grilling the flatbread you want to have the vegetables and spread ready and close by.

Place the dough onto the grill and cook for ~7-10 minutes until lightly charred on the bottom and heated through. Remove from heat and spread sun-dried tomato onto non-grilled side. Place grilled vegetables on top. Place back on the grill, topping side up, for 3-5 minutes until warmed. Serve immediately.

Sun-Dried Tomato Spread:

1 can white-northern or canneleni beans, rinsed and drained
1/4 cup sun-dried tomatoes
2 tbsp. water
1/4 cup parsley leaves
1 tbsp. lemon juice
2 garlic cloves

In a food processor or blender, combine all the ingredients until smooth. Refrigerate until ready to use.


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