August 11, 2013

Product Review: HUM Nutrition Supplements

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Pimp my Calcium, Here Comes the Sun, Gut Instinct, Skinny Bird.

Hit songs? Nah, clever names for HUM Nutrition’s supplement line.

I recently had the pleasure of talking with HUM nutrition creators, Christopher Coleridge and Walter Faulstroh. Cute names aside, I wanted to learn a little more about these supplements before I tried them. I’m pretty particular on what I put in my body, especially in supplement form.


Of all of the questions I get, “what supplements should I take” is probably in the top 5. (Along with “Where do you get your protein?” 😉 ) As much as my friends & clients want me to give them a list of supplements to take, it’s difficult to asses what you actually need without taking a closer look at your diet.

A colleague of mine recently called supplements “diet complements,” and I think that perfectly describes what supplements are all about. Nutrition is not just about supplementing, it starts with a well-balanced diet and exercise. Since  it isn’t always so easy to get in everything we need, taking the right combination of vitamins and herbs can help strengthen our well-being – including our mood, energy and immunity. And since everyone’s needs are not necessarily the same, the founders at Hum Nutrition have put together a unique way to go about their business.

To start, new users take a quiz that examines lifestyle, current diet, and habits to determine what supplements are best. Then, the data is analyzed by their Registered Dietitian. All recommendations are free, and there’s no pressure to purchase the recommended products. Once you select, shipping is free! Subscribers also get access to one-on-one support from an RD and access to Hum’s healthy forums.

The attention to detail and purpose of their products completely aligns with my approach to supplements. Over the past few years I have been learning more about functional and integrative nutrition, which has increased my understanding in the role they play.

Hum was developed with leaders in the field of nutrition, Professors Carl Keen and Robert Hackman of UC Davis. The quality of ingredients, besides being additive, color, and preservative free, most of the products are also contain no sugar, salt, starch, yeast, wheat, gluten, corn, soy, milk, or egg (does vary by product, all listed on the website).

The best part is that your daily dose of Hum vitamins costs on average less than your morning coffee. And unlike buying quality vitamins from anywhere else, you have a whole team of nutritional experts to assist you!

For an average of $30 a pop, HUM is a great way to ensure that you are getting the vitamins you really need.


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    1. Sherry
      November 1, 2017 AT 11:07 am

      Hello everyone. Hum makes a lot of great supplements for a variety of issues (you don’t need everything out there!).

    2. Juleen
      May 4, 2017 AT 8:05 am

      Nice impartial “review”