Sencha Tea: More than just a drink in Japan

By Alexandra Caspero on February 7, 2012

Curious about Sencha? Guest blogger Ellen Spencer discusses the history and health benefits of Sencha tea. What do you think? Do you drink Sencha tea?

Think of Japan and you cannot miss out Sencha, a drink which makes the place even more special. This green tea is one of the most popular drinks of the country and is regarded significant for treating various ailments. Whether you have it hot in winters or sip it as ice-tea in summers, the taste of this tea is amazingly refreshing. Read on to know about some more interesting facts about Sencha, the specialty of Japan.

The processing of Sencha tea

Sencha tea is grown in complete sunlight and involves an elaborate procedure. It is produced by using an old method of picking up the youngest tea leaves, steaming them immediately and crumpling them when dried. The immediate steaming is done to prevent oxidation. Once steamed, the tea leaves are rolled into cylinders to dry. Premium quality Sencha tea leaves possess a shape similar to straight, thin needles with a pure green color. The top portions of the buds and tea leaves are processed to make this green tea.

Sencha – the bitter and sweet drink

Sencha, when brewed, has a vibrant yellow color and a light aroma with a perfect blend of bitter and sweet taste. The fragrance and unique taste of this green tea makes it a hot favorite for people in Japan. Tetsubin or the cast iron tea pots have been extremely popular for brewing this tea. The Japanese brew Sencha tea with care, in small tea pots and relish the taste of this drink throughout the day.

The myriad health benefits of Sencha

Sencha tea possesses a high content of antioxidants and polyphenols. These two components aid in neutralizing the harmful effects of free radicals, responsible for many dreadful diseases. The antioxidants in Sencha tea help to prevent coronary artery disease and atherosclerosis. The polyphenols act as a barrier in absorbing cholesterol in the body and help to eliminate the extra cholesterol from the body. Research has proved that this tea works effectively in controlling the blood sugar levels and also helps to prevent cancer. The consumption of Sencha tea is also beneficial to build up the immune system and works wonders in osteoporosis.

Drinking Sencha tea is known to help burn the calories and suits best in a weight-loss diet. The antioxidant properties in this drink also help in retaining a youthful skin and reduce the wrinkles by hydrating the skin. It also helps in repairing inflamed and damaged skin. In fact, a cup of Sencha tea after every meal prevents germs to attack the teeth and also helps to keep bad breath away. Gargling with it acts as a great relief in sore throat or cough. Sencha tea is replete with Vitamin C which makes it a healthy option always.

In modern times, Sencha tea extract is also used in aromatherapy and to prepare products such as incenses, soaps and lotions to name a few. It can also be used to prepare delicious treats such as ice-creams, smoothies and salads. Sencha tea scores high because of its medicinal properties, taste, flavor and most importantly because it symbolizes the culture of Japan. It is truly more than just a drink.


About the author: Ellen is a health blogger and teacher at play school. These days she is busy working on a project involving short prom dresses for her school kids. When not working, she prefers to study/execute strategies that can help people dealing with stress relief.


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