10 Most Important Kitchen Tools for Eating Healthy

By Alexandra Caspero on June 4, 2023

A diet is only as healthy and convenient as you make it, and that’s why owning the proper kitchen tools and appliances are so important. After all, enjoying a healthy diet is a lifestyle choice with countless benefits – so here’s everything you’ll need to maximize those benefits and make sure that your diet is easy to execute!

10. Instant Pot

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By an overwhelming margin, the #1 must-have in the kitchen is an instant pot. Countless people chimed in, saying how much they loved theirs, with one user’s comments sticking out for us: “We use it at least two times a day,” they revealed. “Oatmeal in the morning, then lentils or beans or potatoes or rice for lunch/dinner. Makes life so much easier.” 

Who wouldn’t want an appliance that makes their life easier?

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9. Air Fryer

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The people have spoken: an air fryer is a must-have. According to one user, after their instant pot, “My air fryer is probably the next runner up – I like to toss some frozen veg in there for lazy meals,” they said. Crispy potatoes or chickpeas are also super yummy and quick in the air fryer.”

We agree! Give us all the air-fried chickpeas, please. This person knows what’s up: not only are chickpeas an extremely healthy snack in its own right, but it beats tossing them into the oven after agonizingly waiting for it to pre-heat!

This appliance makes for the best Air Fryer Cauliflower Wings and Air Fryer Taquitos

8. Blender

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A blender is an obvious must-have, and one person, in particular, took it a step further and suggested a certain brand: “I lean toward Vitamix, though,” they said. “Because in addition to the standard blender, the cup and pint-sized containers have been very useful for dressings, dips, nut parm, and all manner of smoothies!”

We use a blender to make Snicker’s Date Shakes and Salsa Roja!

7. Food Processor

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We’ll be honest: we were surprised by how many people out there are touting the advantages of owning a food processor. (Let’s be real, it’s a must-have in every kitchen these days – whether or not it’s used to enjoy delicious and healthy plant-based meals!)

Use your food processor to make the best white bean hummus and dark chocolate chip cookies.

6. Good Knives

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Never underestimate the power and convenience of owning a good knife (or multiple knives). More than one person mentioned the importance of a good knife, with one savvy cook noting that, “I use it for every meal as I gotta chop something every time.” Trust us when we say that owning a less-than-stellar knife is a lesson in futility; not only is it inefficient in doing the job it’s intended for, but many cheaper knives can be flat-out unsafe. Do yourself a favor: invest in a decent knife if you haven’t already.

5. Tea Kettle

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A like-minded individual really spoke to us when they suggested a tea kettle, and for good reason. “To brew endless amounts of herbal tea,” they proclaimed. We don’t know about you, but herbal tea makes us feel happy every time we indulge!

4. Vegetable Chopper

Summer Farro Salad

Say it with us now: vegetable chopper. According to this person, a chopper is one of the most underrated tools you can have in your kitchen: “Soups, stews, chili, chopped salads…. I use it almost every day,” they confessed. “I also have great knives and a cutting board but I’m done chasing veggies around the cutting board; the chopper cuts evenly and faster and contains it all until you are ready to pour it into that instant pot or salad bowl.” 

Well, now we’re sold on it – and we bet you are, too.

3. Vegetable Steamer

how to steam roast vegetables

Here’s a tool that even we’ve overlooked in the past. It’s clear now that it’s more popular than we thought! One person proudly boasted they “now use a steamer basket almost every day to steam vegetables.” The steamer adoration didn’t stop there, however. Another individual exclaimed: “My microwave steamer is one of my favorite tools!”

Ok, if you’ll excuse us, we’re off to order a vegetable steamer right now.

2. Dutch Oven

No Knead Instant Pot Bread

We were shocked owning a dutch oven didn’t end up higher on this list because to us it’s an invaluable tool in the kitchen (we stan for Crock-Pot, personally). Nevertheless, the dutch oven still had a few fans that mentioned its usefulness. This person credited their dutch oven for helping make any plant-based dieter’s life in the kitchen a little bit easier: “What I use all the time is my enamel cast iron dutch oven. I make various stews, Indian dal, also great tomato sauce for pasta, anything that is made in volume for multi-day eating is made in that.

Use your Dutch Oven to bake crusty no-knead bread!

1. Kitchen Scale

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The kitchen scale was mentioned by users on multiple occasions, and it rounds out our list in the #10 spot. A kitchen scale makes measuring for overnight oats, cake or breakfast cookies a breeze (less cleanup),” one particularly ingenious person suggested. (By the way, this person won us over with the mere mention of breakfast cookies!)

This thread inspired this post.

Photo Credit: rido via Canva.

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