March 30, 2014
Weekly Lunch Plans: Prepping Ahead for Lunches on the Go

When I shared my weekly meal plan last week, I received a lot of positive feedback from people who enjoyed seeing a vegetarian/vegan week of dinners. Thinking ahead to this week, I wanted to share what my weekly lunch plan looks like and weekend prep involved to make it happen.

For the next few weeks, dinners are going to be harder and harder to plan. With just 45 days left until I leave for a few weeks on my wedding vacation, I have been packing my schedule with more clients and working overtime on projects so I can leave stress-free in May. I have also started a 6-week program at The Dailey Method and am excited to change up my workout routine, even if it means less time after work. I tried my first class over the weekend and am already sore! Can’t wait to see what will happen after 6 weeks 🙂

I’ve mentioned this quite a few times but I try hard to make lunches as healthy and full of vegetables as I can. It’s usually the meal I can control the most, especially when dinners end up being take-out or nights out with friends.

For this week, I have two lunch meetings on Thursday and Friday so I only needed to plan lunches for 3 days for BL and I. First up, this pasta of sorts. I had a ton of herbs left over from making my cashew cheese over the weekend and decided to use them up in this dish. Cooked cappellini pasta, rinsed and drained. Then tossed with finely minced parsley, basil, mint, juice and zest of 1 lemon, a few tbsp. of olive oil and nutritional yeast. To use up leftover vegetables, I added in shredded kale, halved tomatoes and toasted pine nuts for a little crunch. I am planning to have this for lunch on Tuesday with leftovers for dinner on either Monday or Wednesday night, along with any leftover cabbage salad.


Last week, I taught a cooking class making loaded baked sweet potatoes.  A fairly simple meal that features 5 servings of vegetables! Filling and delicious, I prepped this on Sunday morning for lunch tomorrow. Since I am planning on heading to a 6:30PM class after work, I am hoping that this lunch will fill me up until I am ready for dinner around 8.  (If not, I always keep a stash of Kind & Think Thin bars in my desk)


A simple shredded cabbage salad with carrots, red cabbage, pepita seeds and fresh kale from our campus garden. I made a ton of this to use as not only a topping for sweet potatoes but also as a salad to much on for dinners. DSC_1014 DSC_1008

I kept the salad dry and plan on adding some avocado and dijon dressing when I am ready to eat. For the dressing, I combined the juice of a large lemon, 1 tsp. dijon mustard, 3 tbsp. olive oil and salt/pepper.

And that’s it! What are your favorite make-ahead lunches? If you’re looking for more ideas, enjoy this post from last year about other healthy lunch choices.


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