What’s the Best Vegetarian Meal Delivery Service? 10 People Weigh In

By Alexandra Caspero on April 22, 2023

Are you looking for an easier way to enjoy healthy meals at home? Meal delivery services are a popular solution, offering a range of options to fit different dietary needs and lifestyles.

Many foodies in an online community recently shared their experiences with healthy meal delivery services and provided insights into their favorite options.

1. Hello Fresh

According to the first user, the ingredients provided by Hello Fresh were fresh and stayed suitable for the whole week. However, the variety of vegetarian meals needed to be improved, with some meals being repeated 2-4 times within a month, but not the ones they preferred. While some meals were filling, others felt they were only splitting one meal.

2. HungryRoot

Another customer shared they and their partner are currently trying out the meal delivery service, HungryRoot. They found that HungryRoot had the best “prepared” ingredients for the services they had tried.

3. Purple Carrot

A satisfied customer shared their delightful encounter with Purple Carrot, labeling it the outstanding vegetarian meal delivery service they’ve ever experimented with. Though it’s been a handful of years since they’ve availed of similar services, they have yet to have the opportunity to savor any fresh ones.

4. Meez Meals

According to several, Meez Meals is a standout vegetarian meal delivery service. Although the company is based in the Chicago suburbs, it has recently expanded its delivery area to most of the U.S. With ten meal options and five vegetarian options, Meez Meals makes it easy for customers to assemble delicious meals.

5. Green Chef

A lone user divulged that their foray into vegetarian meal delivery services had been restricted to Green Chef alone. The person found the service a little expensive but worth the price, as it offered many vegetable choices and didn’t repeat too often. They opted for two four-serving recipes, but some lasted more than four servings. The user also found the Green Chef app easy to use.

6. Blue Apron

It is a popular meal delivery service that offers a variety of vegetarian options. However, one shared that Blue Apron service provides pre-portioned ingredients with step-by-step recipe instructions to make it easy for customers to cook at home.

7. Marley Spoon

A solitary user recounted their rendezvous with Marley Spoon, the meal delivery service helmed by none other than the domestic diva herself, Martha Stewart.

They elaborated that the service offered high-quality ingredients and that all the meals were delicious. However, the downside was that it was more expensive than other services and required more specialized cooking equipment.

8. Home Chef

A rave review was given to Home Chef by a contented individual, who ranked it high as their second favorite meal delivery service and commended its use of quality, freshly sourced ingredients that resulted in delicious, well-portioned meals.

In addition, the customer was grateful for the gamut of options presented by Home Chef, making it a truly versatile choice.

9. Sunbasket

This meal delivery service offers a wide range of vegetarian and vegan options. They source organic and sustainably grown produce, and chefs and nutritionists design their meals, offering vegetarian and vegan options and accommodating specific dietary needs such as gluten-free, paleo, and low-carb. One unique feature of Sunbasket is that they also offer breakfast and snack options.

10. Splendid Spoon

A final user recalled their experience with Splendid Spoon, a vegan meal delivery service that offers pre-made smoothies, soups, and grain bowls.

The user stated that they were pleased with the convenience of the service, as the meals were ready to eat and could be heated up quickly. In addition, they appreciated the variety of the meals and the fact that they were all plant-based.

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