Wedding Day Yoga

By Alexandra Caspero on October 4, 2013

I often joke that I (along with BL) live on an island in California. Thousands of miles away from where we grew up, our families and best friends. While we have both made life long friends while living on our own out here, nothing compares to the friends you’ve known for decades, grown with and shared everything with.


Luckily, though we are on opposite sides of the country, I’m still very close to two of my best friends from college; girls who I consider to be more like family than friends. In a fun twist of fate, in addition to all being engaged at the same time, they both got married within three weeks of each other this September.

Besides being honored to stand beside them as a bridesmaid, I was also asked to teach yoga the morning of their wedding. While I was at first really nervous to create the perfect class, it ended up being one of my favorite moments of the weekend. Which makes perfect sense as weddings are all about connecting. What a better way to start the special day than connecting with best friends, uniting in yoga?



*The group after yoga @ Jill’s

Since all levels were present, I kept it pretty simple. Lots of sun salutations, heart openers, and a few flows to get the blood going! During Savasana, I shared one of my favorite poems, Love by Roy Croft.

Yoga Playlist:

Bob Marley: One Love
Philip Philip: Home
Ray LaMontagne: You are the best thing
Dave Matthews Band: You & Me
Beatles: Here comes the Sun
Chantal Kreviazuk: Feels Like Home
Jason Mraz: I won’t give Up

I’ve still got 8 months until BL and I get hitched, but I will definitely be including a yoga class the morning of! With all of the hectic pressure that builds up in the weeks before a wedding, I love this tradition and so glad we started it at Anya & Jill’s. I’ll always treasure the memory of being with my closest friends in our peaceful morning practice and of course, the ceremony and reception afterwards.

So, let’s chat- for those of you who are already married- did you incorporate yoga into your weekend? Brides-to-be, will you?

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    1. Jene Dupra
      September 20, 2018 AT 9:34 am

      This is an AWESOME idea! I wish I would have thought of incorporating a yoga class the morning of my wedding. Like you said what perfect way for the bridal party to connect right before the big day. And a bride doing yoga before her wedding is the perfect combo! 🙂

      1. Alex
        September 21, 2018 AT 4:48 am

        It was so much fun! highly recommend it 🙂

    2. Katherine Caspero
      October 4, 2013 AT 11:16 am

      We did this at Liz’s wedding as well, what a fun and relaxing way to start a busy weekend! Looking forward to doing this at your wedding in 8 months 🙂

    3. Mariel
      October 4, 2013 AT 10:25 am

      Alex, what an amazing experience I had the morning of Anya’s wedding doing yoga with you! I love how it was relaxing and invigorating all at the same time! (Especially when you add in jumping in Lake Michigan with the bride-to-be!)

      1. DK
        October 4, 2013 AT 10:28 am

        Yes! So glad to have been together last weekend! Great seeing you Mariel!