14 Countries People Voted to Have the Best Cuisines in the World

By Alexandra Caspero on November 28, 2023

When it comes to deciding where to vacation next, food often plays a part when making travel plans.

Of course, it’s subjective according to personal tastes, but foodies were recently asked to vote which countries have the best cuisines in the world and these were the responses.


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It’s almost impossible to eat badly in Japan. The Japanese apply the same obsessiveness to their food as they do their engineering. From the famous 7-11 egg salad sandwich to a lavish multicourse kaiseki meal or the many ramen bars, Japan is a go-to pick for many foodie tourists.

Classic examples include miso soup, Sushi, sashimi and tempura.


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Italy won by a landslide, for the country people voted to have the best cuisine in the world. Italian food has captured the globe with its simple, seasonal cuisine. From homemade pasta to cheesy risotto to pizza to mouthwatering desserts, it’s some of the most beloved food worldwide.

Classic Examples include: Ragu alla Bolognese, Pizza, Cappuccino, Gelato, Fried Zucchini, Salami


Phuket Town / Phuket / Thailand - 13 May 2018
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Spicy, salty, sweet, chewy, sour, crunchy, slippery– Thai food has it all. With influences from nearby China, Malaysia, Myanmar, and Indonesia, Thai Cuisine was voted the best by many.

Combining so many herbs and spices in each dish produces complex flavors that are somehow perfect.

Classic Examples Include Tom Yum, Massaman Curry, Green Papaya Salad, Khao Soi, and of course– Pad Thai.


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Don’t sleep on Mexico, a top-rated country for food by many. As one voter points out, “Real Mexican cuisine is every bit as nuanced and delicious as any of the great European culinary traditions.” Mexico’s ingredients and techniques have inspired other popular cuisines around the world. Tomatoes, avocados, chocolate, and vanilla, are just examples of ingredients Mexico has given to the world.

It is also a hub for nutritional superfoods. All that avocado, tomato, lime, garlic, corn, beans, chiles, and antioxidant-rich cacao give Mexican food a healthful boost. “It’s so good it’s one of the two cuisines in the world declared human patrimony by UNESCO.”

Classic Examples Include: Mole, Tamales, Creamy Black Beans, Homemade Corn Tortillas, Agua Fresca, and Tacos


Paris, France - circa May 2022: People enjoy dining at a traditional cafe in the city, with flowery, spring decor.
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“French cuisine is recognized as the basis of all modern cuisine,” says one voter. Notorious for classic food, France is another top-rated country for many. Two-hour lunch breaks for three-course meals are the norm, not the exception. For both food snobs and those who love food, France is a must-visit destination.

Classic Examples Include: Cassoulet, Pot au feu, Steak frites, Macarons and Baguette.


Traditional indian cuisine.  Top view
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Many users voted for India; as someone noted, “The flavor range in each meal is ridiculous.” If you think you don’t like vegetables, then you’ve gotta try Indian food. The cuisine uses spices in such a creative way, meat seems like an afterthought.

And with such a large continent, the regional varieties are vast. There’s Goa’s seafood, the wazwan of Kashmir and the richness of Kerala.

Classic Examples Include: Dal, Dosa, Chai, Saag Paneer, Chana Masala, Tikka Masala, and Biryani


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When it comes to Vietnamese food, “The flavor and texture sensations are phenomenal.” And with the abundance of fresh vegetables and herbs, Vietnamese food is one of the most healthy and balanced in the world. 

Classic Examples Include: Pho, Bun Cha, Goi, Spring Rolls, Bahn Mi


Madrid, Spain - October 7, 2017: Man at a Food Stand Selling Iberico Ham in San Miguel Market
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Eat, Drink, Sleep a little (maybe work) and repeat. That’s the Spanish way. As one reader says, “Just returned from Spain, and I swear the street cart Bocadillos I would get on my late-night walks home are among the best sandwiches I’ll ever have.”

From Tapas culture to saffron-rich paella, Spanish cuisine is some of the best in the world.

Classic Examples Include: Jamon Iberico, Churros, Paella, Spanish Tortilla, Patatas Bravas, and Tapas.


HONG KONG – MAY 30, 2008: Typical street restaurant in Kowloon. With more than 12000 street stalls Hong Kong is one of the most vibrant food capitals in the world.
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Singapore street food is the iconic part of the city-state, the ubiquitous open-air food bazaars packed with small food stalls, manned by hawkers– people who cook and sell the food.

For Singaporeans, hawker culture is more than just a good food. It’s so central to Singapore life that it recently received the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. 

Classic Examples Include: Chili Crab, Chicken Rice, Laska, Fish Head Curry, Barbequed Meat


Greek food. Moussaka, meze, souvlaki, fish, pita, greek salad, tzatziki,  olives and vegetables. Traditional different types of greek dishes. Top view, flat lay
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As one voter points out, “Feta cheese, gyros, tzatziki.” That says it all. The secret of Greek food? Plenty of glistening olive oil, and dining by the picturesque sea.

Classic Examples Include: Spanakopita, Feta Cheese, Gyros, Moussaka, Olives and Olive Oil


Homemade Memorial Day Hamburger Picnic with Chips and Fruit
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Some argue that “America has the cheapest, most varied food collection in the world.” And while many classic American dishes have origins in other kitchens, it’s hard to deny the iconic American foods that are beloved around the globe.

In addition to regional favorites like cajun cuisine and BBQ, “America is also known for its various ‘hyphenated’ cuisines such as Mexican-American, Italian-American (they all came about as authentic from immigrants), Chinese-American, as well as regional and ethnic foods such as New England, Soul Food, General Southern Cuisine. We also can’t forget Native American Food.”

Classic Examples Include American Cheeseburger, Chocolate Chip Cookie, Apple Pie, Clam Chowder, BBQ Ribs.


Street stall selling fruit in Salvador, Brazil
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Brazilian food has been heavily influenced by the Portuguese colonization, by slaves brought from Africa, and by indigenous peoples, as well as other European, South American, and Asian countries. The melting pot influence has created some of the most internationally well-known dishes such as feijoada, churrasco, and of course– the fresh, vibrant fruit like açaí.

Classic Examples Include: Açaí bowls, jenipapo, grilled steak, and graviola and caipirinha


olives at market in morocco
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A few people voted Morroco as the best cuisine in the world, largely due to the famous spice market of Marrakech. The North African country is best known for it’s well-spiced cuisine, from the many popular tagines to B’ssara, a brothy bean dish with cumin and fresh bread, to couscous.

Classic Examples Include: Tagine, Chicken Bastilla, Mint Tea, Olives, Kefta, Tanjia


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Food has been a form of escapism for the Chinese throughout its history. China’s regional cuisine are so wide, it’s hard to believe they’re from the same nation. It’s hard to summarize the vastness of Chinese food, but it’s a classic favorite cuisine for a reason.

Classic Examples Include: Soup Dumplings, Dim Sum, Sweet and Sour Pork, Peking Duck and Buddist Cuisine

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