21 Easy Vegan Pasta Recipes

By Alexandra Caspero on March 17, 2023

Looking for simple dinner ideas? Try these 21 easy vegan pasta recipes, perfect for any weeknight.

On evenings that I’m not sure what to make, I almost always turn to some type of pasta. It’s simple, I’m (almost) always in the mood for it and everyone in my family loves it. Plus, there’s rarely a wrong combination.

If you need some inspiration, make sure to save these. I’ve personally made all of these vegan pasta recipes at least a handful of times and I can guarantee that your family will love them. These choices are also great for date-night in.

21. Mediterranean Pasta

Photo Credit: Delish Knowledge

Mediterranean Pasta with Artichokes, Capers, and Sun-Dried Tomatoes! Ready in less than 30 minutes, this vegan pasta recipe is a must-save for date nights and busy weeknights.

It’s light, incredibly flavorful, and satisfying.

Grab the recipe: Mediterranean Pasta

20. Eggplant Bolognese Pasta

vegan pasta with eggplant
Photo Credit: Delish Knowledge

You’ve gotta try this plant-based eggplant ragu, so hearty and full of flavor. Roasted eggplant bolognese with mushrooms served over pasta with plenty of basil.

Grab the recipe: Eggplant Bolognese Pasta

19. Rigatoni with Peppers and Sausage

vegan pasta with sausage and peppers in a skillet
Photo Credit: Delish Knowledge

I love this pasta so much, a riff on one of my favorite childhood pasta dishes. Rigatoni with a quick sautéed pepper sauce and vegan sausage. This happens to be one of my favorite date-night pasta recipes.

Get the recipe: Vegan Rigatoni with Peppers and Sausage

18. 20 Minute Pasta with Roasted Red Pepper Sauce 

skillet with pasta and red pepper sauce
Photo Credit: Delish Knowledge

This is my go-to sauce when I don’t have much in my pantry and need a quick dinner. A jar of roasted red peppers, some nutritional yeast and spices- bam! Dinner is done. If you’re looking for a killer vegan pasta recipe, this is it. 

Get the recipe: Pasta with Roasted Red Pepper Sauce

17. Vegan Spaghetti with Shiitake Wine Sauce

linguine with shiitake mushrooms
Photo Credit: Delish Knowledge

If you like mushrooms, then you’ve gotta try this vegan spaghetti with mushrooms recipe. Looks fancy, but easy enough for weeknight eats. It’s simple enough to be a family meal, but also elegant and impressive to serve for company.

Get the recipe: Vegan Pasta with Mushrooms

16. Creamy Butternut Squash Fettuccini

vegan butternut squash fettuccini recipe
Photo Credit: Delish Knowledge

No matter what time of year it is, this butternut squash fettuccini should be on your menu. If you can’t find butternut squash at the store, sub in canned squash puree or pumpkin puree which is available all year long.

Get the recipe: Creamy Butternut Squash Fettuccini

15. Cherry Tomato Pasta

cherry tomato pasta
Photo Credit: Delish Knowledge

Bursting with fresh tomato flavor, this one is great all-year long thanks to cherry tomatoes. A simple pan sauce tossed with noodles for an elegant, yet easy dinner recipe.

Get the recipe: Cherry Tomato Pasta Recipe

14. Curry Tempeh Noodles

curry tempeh noodles
Photo Credit: Delish Knowledge

This is one of my favorite recipes to introduce people to tempeh. I know that tempeh can be an odd ingredient if you aren’t familiar with it, and these vegan noodles are a perfect recipe to start with. Crumbled and tossed with a spicy curry sauce and spaghetti noodles, it’s irresistible.

Low maintenance + simple ingredients make this an easy weeknight dinner you will keep coming back to. This complete meal is ready in less than 30 minutes!

Get the recipe: Vegan Curry Noodles

13. Spicy Vegan Pasta with Sausage

vegan pasta with sausage and aa creamy rigatoni sauce
Photo Credit: Delish Knowledge

This easy date-night pasta is so incredible, you’d never guess it was meat and dairy-free! If you love healthy Italian food, then you’ve gotta try this easy vegan pasta.

Get the recipe: Vegan Pasta with Sausage

12. Simple Weeknight Zucchini Pasta

skillet pasta with zucchini pasta sauce
Photo Credit: Delish Knowledge

Looking for a fast-cooking meal? Try this summer zucchini pasta sauce. Rigatoni with garden-fresh tomatoes, zucchini and basil.

Get the recipe: Simple Weeknight Zucchini Pasta

11. Pumpkin Bolognese

vegan pumpkin bolognesee
Photo Credit: Delish Knowledge

Tender mushrooms cooked until they are very browned and very meaty, then covered in a rich pumpkin tomato sauce and tossed with fettuccine.

It’s hearty, delicious, and the perfect amount of new and different. If you like my eggplant bolognese sauce and if you like pasta, then you’ll love this fun combo.

Get the recipe: Vegan Pumpkin Bolognese

10. Vegan Macaroni and Cheese

vegan broccoli mac aand cheese
Photo Credit: Delish Knowledge

Looking for a vegan pasta recipe that will appeal to everyone in the family? This mac n’ cheese is it. It’s a creamy, dairy-free mac and cheese with added steamed broccoli. I make this one at least once a month; it’s the perfect antidote for comfort meals. For those of you with kids, this is hands down my go-to vegan mac and cheese recipe. My son loves it! 

Get the recipe: Vegan Mac and Cheese with Broccoli

9. Easy, 20 Minute Vegan Pasta

easy vegan pasta in a skillet
Photo Credit: Delish Knowledge

Want the secret to restaurant-worthy pasta? This recipe is it. Super glossy pasta with sautéed garlic and spinach. This vegan pasta recipe is one of my most popular on my website. You’ve gotta try it! 

Get the recipe: Easy 20 Minute Vegan Pasta

8. Vegan Pad Thai

Vegan Pad Thai
Photo Credit: Delish Knowledge

My two loves in one dish: pasta and Thai food. This one is so delicious, especially with crispy, spicy tofu on top. PS- If you’re looking for the secret to perfectly crisp tofu without a ton of oil, this is it. 

Get the recipe: Vegan Pad Thai

7. Tuscan Orzo Soup

Tuscan Orzo Soup
Photo Credit: Delish Knowledge

I know this is soup, but it’s still easy to throw together! Aromatics, kale, tomatoes and orzo pasta in a simple, delicious dish. You all LOVE this kale pasta soup recipe as much as I do! 

Get the recipe: Tuscan Kale Soup Recipe

6. Easy Vegan Drunken Noodles

easy vegan drunken noodles
Photo Credit: Delish Knowledge

Have you tried drunken noodles before? This recipe only takes a little more effort than take-out. Make the sauce, cook the noodles, add the tofu and cook together. So, so good.

Get the recipe: Easy Vegan Drunken Noodles

5. Vegan Lemon Orzo Soup 

Vegan Lemon Orzo Soup
Photo Credit: Delish Knowledge

This vegan pasta soup is one of the most popular recipes on this blog for a reason. If you like chicken noodle soup, you’ll want to try this vegan version. I know it’s another soup recipe, but it comes together in less than an hour.

Get the recipe: Vegan Lemon Chickpea Orzo Soup

4. Spicy Arrabbiata Sauce

healthy arrabbiata sauce
Photo Credit: Delish Knowledge

If you like heat then you’ve gotta try this healthy arrabbiata pasta sauce. Homemade tomato sauce with crushed red pepper and lots of garlic.

Get the recipe: Spicy Arrabbiata Sauce Recipe

3. Caramelized Onion Fettuccine

Caramelized Onion Fettuccine
Photo Credit: Delish Knowledge

Caramelized Onion Fettuccine! This vegan pasta recipe is so delicious. It’s incredibly luxurious, umami-rich and a MUST-Make. No one will believe this one is vegan!

Get the recipe: Caramelized Onion Fettuccine

2. Perfect Fresh Tomato Sauce

fresh tomato sauce recipe
Photo Credit: Delish Knowledge

I make this recipe at least a few times a week when tomatoes are in season. If you haven’t tried homemade tomato sauce yet, this is the recipe for you.

Get the recipe: Fresh Tomato Sauce

1. Spicy Tomato Penne Pasta

spicy tomato penne pasta
Photo Credit: Delish Knowledge

There are so many good things happening in this dish: spicy, crispy chickpeas, caramelized tomatoes, and a silky cashew pasta sauce. If you want to impress people with what vegan pasta can be, this is the dish for you.

Get the recipe: Spicy Tomato Penne Pasta

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