The Best Vegetarian Costco Finds in 2021

By Alexandra Caspero on August 2, 2017
With Costco offering so many amazing food products in bulk, here is a full list of the best vegetarian Costco finds in 2021!

With Costco offering so many amazing products in bulk, I decided to put together a whole guide full of my favorites. Here is a full list of the best vegetarian Costco finds in 2021! Make sure to bookmark this page before your next Costco trip! As a card-carrying member of Costco since my college days, there are a few vegetarian products that I turn to time and time again. Some of these are new, but most are the purchases I find myself purchasing frequently. Make sure to bookmark this page before your next Costco trip!

The Best Vegetarian Costco Finds in 2021

After a trip last weekend, I decided to share my favorite Costco finds!

Note: Like all my round-up posts, this isn’t sponsored. Just spreading the love!

Frozen Fruit

My yearly Costco membership pays for itself in the amount that I save in frozen fruit alone. Each of these bags are less than $10 each, making them a steal for 3-4 pounds of organic frozen fruit. Even Trader Joe’s, my second favorite place to buy frozen fruit, can’t touch these prices!

Since BL and I make breakfast smoothies (like this frozen mango lassi) at least 3-4 times a week, we are constantly going through frozen fruit. And, after attending a trip to Maine a few years ago filled with wild blueberries, I’ve been trying to eat them on an almost daily basis.

With two times the antioxidant capacity of regular blueberries, they are a yummy, concentrated source of nutrients. When I’m not throwing them in my smoothies, I add them to yogurt parfaits, pancake batter, or chia jam.

a bag of frozen wild blueberries

Here are a few more recipe ideas to make with the frozen fruit:


a jar of flame-roasted green chile

Green Chile

It’s no secret that I love spicy food. These flame-roasted green chile jars are packed with plenty of spicy flavor and pair perfectly with so many different recipes.

I typically find myself reaching for the chile jar to top on everything from breakfast burritos to sandwiches and more! They are also fantastic to add to my creamy jalapeno salsa instead of jalapenos. 

Still looking for recipes? Here are a few more recipe ideas to make with the green chiles:

a bag of gluten free sprouted rolled oats

Rolled Oats

This has been one of my go-to Costco finds for a very long time. We eat a lot of rolled oats in my house!

I use them to DIY my own oat flour to make my salted tahini chocolate chip cookies and it really gives the cookies a yummy flavor.  I also use them for bowls of creamy Instant Pot oatmeal for both my kiddos as a healthy and wholesome breakfast.

Tip: If you have a gluten allergy, make sure to keep an eye out for gluten-free rolled oats!

Try a few of these recipe ideas to make with rolled oats:

a box of organic tasty bite Indian madras lentils

Indian Madras Lentils

These lentils and a packet of Seed’s Of Change quinoa and brown rice is my go-to dinner meal for late and busy weeknight meals.  These Indian lentils are perfectly spiced and rich in both protein and fiber!

Still looking for recipes? Here are a few recipe ideas to serve with the Indian lentils:

favorite costco finds- chipotle black bean burgers

Black Bean Burgers

What kind of plant-based babe would I be if my freezer wasn’t stocked with at least one version of veggie burgers? Sadly, my Costco only carries one variety of meatless burgers, though I’m hoping they add more to their lineup soon. In Sacramento, we had at least 3 different veggie burger options!

That being said, this chipotle black bean patty is GREAT. I first had them at my sister’s house a few years ago and love how big and meaty they are. For roughly $1 a patty, these are a pretty good deal considering the size and quality.

Tip: If you can’t find the veggies burgers, try making your own black bean and sweet potato burger patty!

Here are few side dishes ideas to serve with the veggie burgers:

a bag for sprouted pumpkin seeds


One of the best Costco finds you can find are nuts! They have so many different options and varieties to try.

For example, I always have to have pistachios in my pantry. They are one of my favorite snacks and my 3-year-old son loves to crack open the shell and eat them!

I also love to keep pumpkin seeds in stock. Pumpkin seeds are rich in zinc, iron and calcium. I throw these on oatmeal, yogurt, salads, and anywhere I want a satisfying crunch.

I highly recommend making this pumpkin pesto risotto with these pumpkin seeds.

Bread Loaves

Ever since I was introduced to Dave’s Killer Bread a few years ago for a client project, it’s become my go-to bread of choice. I especially love the backstory of the company and the fact that the bread is indeed, killer.

Since it’s a little pricier than other brands, I buy it at Costco, with two loaves just a little over $5. I put one in the freezer as soon as I get home since it takes BL and me a while to go through an entire loaf.

Another one of my go-to Costco finds is this sprouted whole-grain bread from Angelic’s Bakehouse. Sprouted grains are easier to digest and make nutrients like iron and zinc more bioavailable. This bread is still fairly soft and a favorite with my whole family!

You can use bread to make:

a box of individual hummus cups from costco

Hummus Cups

I highly recommend adding these individual hummus cups to your Costco shopping list! They are creamy, delicious, and the perfect portion. I like to pack them daily into Van’s lunch or snack bag.

These are some sides you could serve with the hummus:

Kirkland organic creamy peanut butter

Natural Peanut Butter

I don’t know about you but we go through a LOT of peanut butter in my house. The one problem I have found with buying jarred peanut butter is that it tends to be full of preservatives and unhealthy ingredients.

That’s why I love to buy my peanut butter from Costco! This brand is super creamy and only contains one ingredient: peanuts. Just like it should be.

Besides eating a spoonful of peanut butter, consider making one of these recipes:

a bag of cooked organic red beets

Cooked Beets

Beets are one of my husband’s favorite foods, but a pain in the butt to cook. Thankfully, these cooked beets are one of my best vegetarian Costco finds!

These vacuum-sealed beets are great for throwing in salads, or thinly slicing and adding to sandwiches.

Here are a few recipes where you can use cooked beets:

Banza Pasta box

Banza Pasta

So, we’ve tried a lot of legume-based pasta brands and I have to admit some were a huge fail. However, this Banza pasta is one of my favorites, and thankfully, Costco sells it in bulk!

Banza pasta is made out of chickpeas and is packed full of high protein and fiber. At $7.99 for 40 ounces, this is a steal compared to buying it at my local grocery store.

Try using Banza Pasta in these recipes:

a bag of organic millet and brown rice ramen noodles

Rice Ramen Noodles

These are the best ramen noodles! Made with millet and brown rice, these organic ramen noodles work perfectly in miso soup or my homemade ramen. You could also make this summer ramen noodle salad!

This bag from Costco may seem very big but it actually has individual servings inside.

Costco finds- Organic aussie bites

Aussie Bites

And last but not least, for my last Costco find, I highly recommend trying these Aussie Bites. I mean, you gotta have dessert, right?

These Aussie Bites are lightly sweetened and packed with the good stuff– oats, apricots, flax seeds, sunflower seeds, coconut, quinoa, and chia seeds. They remind me of a heartier oatmeal cookie!

I hope this post on the best vegetarian Costco finds in 2021 was helpful and make your next Costco trip really easy. If you decide to buy any of these products, I’d love to know any comments, thoughts, or questions you may have about these yummy Costco finds! 

What to buy at Costco, healthy finds from a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist.

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    1. Gloria
      April 20, 2021 AT 9:31 am

      I get all of these! I will second what someone else said on the maple syrup as well as Siete chips, Primal Kitchen Ranch for a quick dressing, and jars of olives. We haven’t been in ages and now I am needing a trip after reading this. We are in Cape Girardeau so it is an all day affair with a TJ’s stop added in when we go up there.

    2. Josie
      August 7, 2017 AT 2:32 pm

      Their avocado oil and maple syrup are both priced so reasonably! Always have to snag those when I’m there.

    3. Erin
      August 6, 2017 AT 6:31 am

      Costco’s dried mango is the BEST dried mango!

      1. Alex
        August 6, 2017 AT 6:23 pm

        YES! I totally agree. I usually buy it and forgot it this time around.

    4. Rosey
      August 3, 2017 AT 7:22 am

      I LOVE Costco! I Love a lot of what you mentioned!
      I love their organic morning buns (right next to dave’s killer bread). I toast them and top w nut butter and frozen wild blueberries. I also love buying Silk almond milk in bulk there as well as their almond butter and organic peanut butter. They also have organic canned beans for super cheap, Love Crunch granola, organic tomato soup, pre-washed organic quinoa, hummus, raw cashews…all at great prices!!!

      1. Alex
        August 4, 2017 AT 7:00 am

        OH! Such good finds- I really need to go there more. I always leave without almond milk! Is it in the refrigerated section or pantry? I had a hard time finding it last time I was there. Their nut butters are great! I stumbled upon a giant container of cashew butter for only $5 last time I was there.

        1. Patrizia
          August 4, 2017 AT 8:39 am

          Almond milk is in the refrigerated section, next to the dairy milk.

          1. Alex
            August 4, 2017 AT 8:41 am

            Thank you Patti! I must have glanced over it when I was last there.

    5. Mary Johnston
      August 2, 2017 AT 2:26 pm

      Last week I found a two-pound jar of peeled mangos. I use mangos a lot in the summer and finding this beautiful jar of ripe mangos made my day.