45+ Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes

By Alexandra Caspero on November 12, 2022
A collection of favorite, delicious, tested ideas for a vegan thanksgiving feast.

Who’s ready for the holidays? Do you need menu inspiration? If so, I’ve got 45+ reader favorite vegan thanksgiving recipes for you! (and here is my round-up of 50 vegan side dishes!)

I can’t believe we are only weeks away from Thanksgiving. Even though it’s just my family of four, there’s a part of me that wants to cook a giant feast anyways, while I’m equally pulled to bucking all tradition and making homemade pasta instead. I mean, if I could choose to overeat any food group, it would most definitely be pasta. 

Whatever your plans, I’ve rounded up 46 of my favorite vegan thanksgiving recipes for you. Packed with traditional favorites like the BEST stuffing, mushroom gravy, mashed potatoes, and lentil loaf along with plenty of non-traditional options. 

Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes: Main Dishes

  1. Sheet Pan Maple Tempeh and Vegetables

We love this sheet pan maple tempeh and vegetables dish. Throw everything together in the sheet pan along with a simple maple sauce and bake until tender. 

Creamy Butternut Squash Fettuccini! You'D Never Guess That This Incredible Meal Is Vegan. Creamy Pasta Sauce Made With Sage, Nutmeg, Roasted Squash And Shallots Tossed With Fettuccini Noodles. A Lightened-Up Version Of Alfredo Sauce. | Www.delishknowledge.com

2. Creamy Vegan Butternut Squash Fettuccine 

If you’re like me and love pasta, then you’ve gotta try this vegan butternut squash fettuccine dish! It’s super creamy and yes, would still taste great on a plate with stuffing and roasted veggies. 

Polenta With Mushroom Bolognese2

3. Polenta Cakes with Bolognese

Another rich, Fall-inspired main idea. Crispy polenta cakes with a hearty tempeh and mushroom bolognese. 

Lentil Shepherd'S Pie! A Rich, Vegan Lentil Stew Topped With Homemade Mashed Potatoes. | Www.delishknowledge.com

4. Vegan Shepherd’s Pie

This one is a favorite for a reason– it’s so delicious and if we go traditional Thanksgiving this year, what I plan on making. 

One of my favorite comments,“I’ve never commented on a recipe before but I made this last night and it was FANTASTIC. Thank you! One of the most flavorful and satisfying vegan dishes I’ve ever had.” 


5. Tempeh Sausage and Kale Stuffed Squash

How beautiful are these stuffed squashes? You can use any type of squash here; try butternut for a beautiful main centerpiece or acorn and delicata squash for individual dishes. 

Vegan Lentil Loaf

6. Lentil Loaf

What kind of vegan thanksgiving recipe roundup would this be if I didn’t include a lentil loaf? Super meaty with a delicious maple glaze on top. 

Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes: Side Dishes

California Prune Rice Pilaf 3

7. Prune and Rice Pilaf

I love the combo of sweet and savory and this prune and rice pilaf is the best of both worlds. Fragrant, herby pilaf studded with sweet prunes. You can swap in dried cranberries or dried cherries for a more festive dish! 

Vegan Cauliflower Soup

8. Creamy Cauliflower Soup 

Growing up, our Thanksgiving dinner table always included a creamy watercress soup as an appetizer. It’s still one of my favorite dishes and I like to have something similar when I’m in charge of dinner. This creamy cauliflower version is so simple– roast, throw in the blender and you’re done. 

Tempeh Pate With Cherry Jam! An Amazing Appetizer To Satisfy Vegans &Amp; Meat-Eaters! Save This One To Make Over The Holiday Season Or Happy-Hour At Home! | Www.delishknowledge.com

9. Tempeh Pecan Pate 

To this day, this is one of my mom’s favorite recipes of mine. She requests it almost everytime she comes to visit. Make a big batch to snack on while you prepare dinner; I love it most with crisp crackers and some type of fruity jam, like cranberry or cherry preserves. 

Vegan Creamed Spinach

10. Healthy Creamed Spinach 

Thanksgiving dinner always reminds me of my Mormor as we spent the holidays with her most of the time growing up. We were both huge fans of creamed spinach, and I like to continue to serve it as a nod to her. This healthy version is vegan, but still incredibly creamy. 

Butternut Squash Slow Cooker Soup

11. Slow Cooker Butternut Squash 

If oven space is at a premium, make this slow cooker butternut squash soup. 

Kale Citrus Salad With Avocado

12. Kale Salad with Citrus Dressing

I may be in the minority, but I love a giant salad for Thanksgiving. This Kale citrus one is super refreshing with a tangy, bright orange dressing and avocado. 

Vegan Fresh Green Bean Casserole!

13. Fresh Green Bean Casserole

Fresh green beans in a homemade mushroom sauce with faux-fried onions. Classic! 

The Best Vegan Stuffing! Made With Homemade Tempeh Sausage, Sauteed Vegetables And Sourdough Bread. This Stuffing Is A Must Make For Thanksgiving And The Holidays. | Www.delishknowledge.com | #Stuffing #Vegan #Thanksgiving #Healthy #Christmas #Holidays #Healthy #Sourdoughbread #Tempe

14. The BEST vegan stuffing 

I know that every food blogger says their recipes are the best, but I really mean it with this stuffing. It gets so many 5-star reviews and I make it multiple times a month this time of year. The key is homemade tempeh sausage and sourdough bread. 

Dani says, “This stuffing is the absolute best, it really is. I may make a double batch this year – its the only leftover I really wanted to eat the next day. I could not get enough. Great job.” 

Vegan Mushroom Gravy

15. BEST vegan mushroom gravy

Ok, one more. I make a double batch of this every year for Thanksgiving as my father-in-law requests it over the regular turkey gravy. It’s so umami-rich and fantastic on everything. 

Close Up Shot Of Vegan And Gluten-Free Immune Boosting Carrot Ginger Turmeric Soup

16. Ginger Carrot Soup 

Another creamy soup; packed with carrots, ginger and orange. 

Vegan Pumpkin Cornbread Muffins

17. Pumpkin Cornbread Muffins

Lightly sweet, incredibly moist with just a hint of pumpkin spice. They are just as delicious warm with cold butter (or apple butter!) as they are dipped into mushroom gravy. 

Garlicky Green Ancient Grain Salad1

18. Swiss Chard Ancient Grains Salad

Another hearty side dish option; ancient grains with garlicky swiss chard. 

Perfect Herb Roasted Potatoes. These Recipes Are Roasted With Sage, Rosemary And Thyme. Perfect For #Thanksgiving, The #Holidays Or Any Simple Table! #Vegan And #Glutenfree. #Healthy #Vegetarian #Sidedish #Christmas #Recipes #Healthyrecipe | Www.delishknowledge.com

19. Perfect Roasted Herb Potatoes

If you want something different instead of mashed potatoes, try these! Perfectly herb-roasted, crispy and yummy. 

Autumn Squash, Kale And Apple Salad. You'Ve Gotta Try This Thanksgiving Or Holiday Salad! Kale, Roasted Squash, Apple And Candied Walnuts In A Maple-Cinnamon Dressing. #Vegan And #Glutenfree | Www.delishknowledge.com

20. Autumn Squash, Kale and Apple Salad

I’m obsessed with this Autumn salad. Roasted delicata squash, kale, honeycrisp apples, toasted walnuts and a maple dressing. 

Warm Farro, Squash And Kale Salad With Orange-Miso Dressing! This Vegan Meal Is Super Nourishing And Healthy. Roasted Squash Sauteed With Kale And Farro, Then Tossed In A Silky Orange And Miso Dressing. A Must Make This Winter! | Www.delishknowledge.com

21. Warm Farro and Kale Salad with Orange Miso Dressing 

Super yummy and hearty; a warm salad with farro, kale, sweet potatoes and a sweet orange-miso dressing. 

Dilled Vegan Almond Cheeseball! The Perfect Appetizer For Your Next Party. If You Haven'T Had Nut Cheeses Before, You'Ve Gotta Try This. Super Creamy, No One Will Know It'S Dairy-Free. | Www.delishknowledge.com

22. Dilled Vegan Almond Cheese Ball 

A great appetizer option; non-dairy almond cheese ball with lots of fresh dill. 

Smoked Butternut Squash Dip1

23. Smoked Butternut Squash Dip 

If you like hummus, you’ll love this smoked butternut squash and white bean dip. 

Vegan Brussels Sprout Crostini! Lemon-White Bean Spread Topped With Charred Brussels Sprouts And Dried Cranberry Salad. A Must-Make For The Holidays! | Www.delishknowledge.com

24. Brussels Sprouts Crostini 

One part appetizer, one part side dish: crispy crostini with a tangy white bean dip and crunchy brussels and cranberries. Festive and delicious! 

Lemon Pan-Fried Potatoes With Chive Pesto. The Perfect Side Dish For The Holidays. Vegan And Gluten-Free. | Www.delishknowledge.com

25. Lemon Pan Fried Potatoes with Chive Pesto

Another great potato option for a less-traditional feast. Crispy smashed potatoes with a lemon-chive pesto. 

Roasted Cranberry, Wild Rice And Kale Salad! The Perfect Salad For The Holiday Season. Roasted Thyme Cranberries With Wild Rice, Toasted Almonds, Wild Rice And Maple-Shallot Dressing. Vegan And Gluten-Free. | Www.delishknowledge.com

26. Roasted Cranberry, Kale and Wild Rice Salad 

This festive salad is one of my favorites! Roasted cranberries with crunchy wild rice and kale. 

Ginger Apple Butternut Squash- A Must Make This Fall! Velvety, Creamy Vegan And Gluten-Free Soup. | Www.delishknowledge.com

27. Ginger Apple Soup 

All of our favorite fall flavors in one dish: apple, ginger and butternut squash. Creamy and delicious! Enjoy with or without the sunflower seed brittle. 

Kale Caesar Salad! Creamy Caesar Dressing With Crispy Polenta Croutons. Vegan &Amp; Gluten-Free | Www.delishknowledge.com

28. Kale Caesar Salad

With or without the polenta croutons, this creamy kale caesar salad is perfect for any holiday celebration. 

Cranberrycornmuffins 1

29. Cranberry Corn Muffins

Clearly, I love sweet and savory together. Savory corn muffins with a sweet & tangy cranberry center. 

Fallfattoushsalad4 E1604780059883

30. Fall Fattoush Salad

Apples, pita bread, kale, grapes, hazelnuts and a honey mustard dressing. 

Sweet Treats & Desserts

Vegan Pecan Pie Cheesecake Bars

31. Pecan Pie Cheesecake Bars

May I suggest these bars for whatever your holiday looks like? Pecan pie crust topped with a creamy cheesecake filling and a maple pecan glaze topping. 

Plate With Creamy Pumpkin Bar And Whipped Cream

32. Pumpkin Pie Pecan Bars

These are one of my favorite desserts; I make them a few times in October-December and every time I do, my husband says to me: “wow– these really are so good!” 


33. Cranberry Orange Bread

I love this cranberry orange bread, especially for breakfast on Thanksgiving morning. 

Vegan Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

34. Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

These easy pumpkin cookies are soft, chewy and perfect for Fall.

Salted Caramel Hippie Bars

35. Salted Caramel Hippie Bars

If you’re looking for a unique dessert option, try these Salted Caramel bars– like a rice krispie treat but healthier! 

Vegan Espresso Cheesecake Bars2 1 Of 1

36. Vegan Espresso Cheesecake Bars

I made us these vanilla espresso cheesecake bars because I can’t stop making yummy goodies out of nuts. Once you learn how easy cashews and nuts transform into gorgeous no-baked goods, it’s hard to stop.

I pinkie-promise that even though they are mostly nut based, they taste amazing. The buttery taste of cashews completely transforms into a cheesecake base that’s elevated with a bit of espresso powder and vanilla.

Vegan Espresso Brownies

37. Vegan Espresso Brownies 

Chewy, chocolatey brownies– need I say more? 

Pumpkin Chocolate Cups! You'Ve Gotta Make These For Fall And Halloween. A Chocolate Cup Base With Creamy Pumpkin Filling, More Chocolate And Almonds. Vegan And Gluten-Free. | Www.delishknowledge.com

38. Pumpkin Chocolate Dessert Cups

Like a Reese’s Cup– but with pumpkin, chocolate and almonds. 

Vegan Chocolate Frosting

39. Nutella Cupcakes

I know cupcakes aren’t a traditional Thanksgiving dessert, but these cupcakes remind me of the holidays. Chocolate hazelnut cupcakes with chocolate frosting and more hazelnuts. 

Ginger Chocolate Truffles! Mostly Raw, Vegan Ginger-Orange Caramels Dipped In Chocolate! So Easy And Delicious! Makes A Great #Diy #Christmas Gift Idea!

40. Ginger Chocolate Truffles

The perfect sweet treat; a chewy ginger filling coated in chocolate. 

Gingerpearcrisp5 1 Of 1

41. Ginger Pear Crisp

Crisp is so much easier than a pie. This one is super simple and studded with holiday, fall flavors. 

Vegan Apple Crisp

42. Vegan Apple Crisp

I love this healthy apple crisp; perfect with ice-cold coconut ice cream. 

Beverages & Cocktails

Cranberry Orange Beer Shandy! You'Ve Gotta Try This Three Ingredient Cocktail, Perfect For Holiday And Christmas Entertaining. Refreshing, Delicious And Can Easily Be Made Into Pitchers For Parties. | Www.delishknowledge.com

43. Cranberry Orange Beer Shandy

My husband first introduced me to a shandy, and I’ve come to love the fruity beer cocktail. 

1. Whisk Together The Sugar, Cocoa Powder, Starch, And Salt In A Small Bowl Or Measuring Cup. 2. Heat The Milk And Vanilla In A Medium-Sized Saucepan Over Medium Heat Until Steaming. 3. Add A Couple Tablespoons Of The Hot Milk To The Cocoa Mixture And Whisk Until Smooth. This Will Help You Avoid Clumps Of Cocoa In Your Hot Chocolate. 4. Pour The Cocoa Mixture Into The Milk Pan, And Bring To A Boil For 5 Minutes. It Will Thicken Slightly In This Time. 5. Remove From Heat, And Let Sit For 5-10 Minutes So It Lowers To A Drinkable Temperature.

44. Mexican Hot Chocolate

A delicious after-dinner drink + dessert in one. 

Pomegranate Sangria! A Winterized Take On The Classic Summer Staple; Perfect For Entertaining And Low In Sugar. | Www.delishknowledge.com

45. Pomegranate Sangria 

Pomegranate juice with red wine and berries. 

Cranberry Orange Champagne Punch! The Gorgeous Punch Is A Must For Your Holiday Table. Refreshing, Sparkling And Festive! | Www.delishknowledge.com

46. Cranberry Orange Champagne Punch

Another festive cocktail option. 

Hope you’re inspired by some of the vegan thanksgiving recipe ideas! What’s on your menu this year?

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